Privacy Policy

Maclin Lodge Motel has adopted and is bound by the National Privacy Principles set out in Schedule 3 of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (the Act). This document sets out the Maclin Lodge Motel Privacy Policy (the privacy policy) which we trust will answer your questions regarding how we respect and treat the information you provide to us.

Collection of Personal Information

There are two categories of information we collect:

  • General Information: General Information is anonymous data that we use to analyse trends, gather broad demographic information for general use and to help us understand your needs so we can improve the quality of your stay. General information includes the number of room nights booked, guest’s gender, age, where guests are from, room rate, etc.
  • Personal Information: Personal Information is any information that personally identifies you.

When you either make a reservation or just check in with us, we may ask you for personal details such as your name, home address, work telephone number and how the account will be settled. We may also obtain from you credit card details, whether you have any room preferences, disabilities, or other lifestyle information. While staying with us, we may record the number of times you have stayed and other details you supply to us.

We may also collect certain Personal Information if the law requires us to collect it or receive it from other sources.

Consequences of not providing Personal Information

If you do not provide us with Personal Information that we consider essential or necessary, we regret the inconvenience, but may have no choice other than to decline your reservation.

Purpose for collecting information

Some of the information that we ask for is essential such as your name and billing details. These are used so we can contact you during your stay for reasons such as security, transferring incoming calls to you, letting you know if a facsimile arrives, if a visitor is waiting for you at reception, and so we can ensure we are paid for goods or services provided to you or requested by you.

If you make a reservation, we may also request your contact details, credit card details or the like. This information is used to pay the deposit, a security bond and so we can identify you when you check-in.

If you supply lifestyle information it may be used for two primary purposes. The first helps us to try and meet or exceed your expectations. For example, if we know which room type you prefer, we can hopefully provide you with the room and facilities of your preference.  The second is to make your stay as comfortable as possible by giving you peace of mind. For example, by providing us with information regarding a disability, our friendly staff can take this into consideration when selecting your room. This information may also be used by our staff, contractors, or emergency services in the event of an emergency to assist with your well-being.

Who information is disclosed to and why

We will not share your Personal Information with a third party outside of government agencies unless a third party, such as a contractor, needs to know the relevant Personally Identifiable Information in order to perform their duties.

If we have provided credit to you or you do not pay your account on time, or you act in an unlawful manner, we may provide this information to credit reporting agencies, government agencies, or other hotels in the area. We may also use the information for recover action against you.

Except as stated in this privacy policy, we will not disseminate any Personal Information about you without your consent unless we believe it is necessary:

  • because it is required or authorised by law;
  • to provide you with a service which you have requested;
  • to assist a law enforcement agency or agency responsible for national security in the performance of its functions;
  • to protect our rights or property or those of any member of the public;
  • or to lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety.

We may retain the content of any document (including electronic documents such as e-mails and other similar forms of communication) that you send to us. Any Personal Information contained within those documents will only be used or disclosed in the ways set out in this privacy policy.

If we become aware of, or suspects any unlawful activity taking place, it may instigate an investigation and/or report its findings or suspicions to the police or other relevant enforcement agency.

Contracting out services involving the disclosing of personal information

Maclin Lodge Motel may contract out certain services from time to time. The types of services Maclin Lodge Motel may contract out include:

  • Security;
  • Laundry (including dry cleaning);
  • IT;
  • Marketing;
  • Maintenance.

For our contractors to perform their duties, it may be necessary for them to have access to Personal Information, or in carrying out their duties they may be able to access Personal Information.

Where Maclin Lodge Motel is contracting with a company who may receive or have access to Personal Information, it will make reasonable efforts to keep your information secure by contracting with companies who have either:

  • adopted or are bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Act;
  • implemented a privacy policy acceptable to us; or
  • included in their contract for services:
    • clauses setting out obligations on how to treat Personal Information;
    • clauses stating the reasons for having access to the Personal Information;
    • clauses setting out the primary purpose of collecting Personal Information;
    • clauses regarding confidentiality to prevent disclosure of Personal Information to third parties;
    • clauses stating the purpose for which they may use the Personal Information;
    • clauses setting out how they will keep the information secure from unauthorised access, modification, use or disclosure;
      positive obligations on them to take measures to prevent the loss and misuse of information;
    • procedures to enable us to meet obligations of disclosure;
    • procedures whereby we may audit the information the contractor holds; and
    • procedures to keep Personal Information held by both parties up to date.
Requests for access to personal information

We understand that you may like to know what Personal Information we hold about you or the type of such information we hold. We are happy to assist you with your request (subject to exceptions where relevant), but before we do, we may require that you prove your identity to us. When you make a request in person, we may require you produce some form of photo identification such as a passport or an Australian driver’s license. Where you make a request by other means, we may request you supply us with particulars so we can check them with our files and satisfy ourselves as to your identity.

We may require that a request be made in writing. We have adopted this policy so there can be no confusion as to what information is sought, who was it sought by, and when it was sought. This allows us to create an audit trail of how the request has been handled. Where a request is made, any correspondence or application may be kept and added to your Personal Information.

How we respond to your request will depend on several factors including:

  • the sort of information you seek to have access to;
  • the way you made the request (in person, facsimile, e-mail, mail etc);
  • where the information you have requested is stored or located;
  • how the information is stored;
  • the technology that has access to the information (some information can only be accessed from a system operating at a specific property); and
  • any exceptions to disclosure that may apply to the information sought.

Ways in which we give you access to information include:

  • allowing you to inspect some or all of the information we hold about you;
  • providing copies of the information requested;
  • allowing you to take notes about the contents of our records;
  • where data exists only in electronic form, we may provide you with printouts or give you access to one of our computers to review it yourself;
  • allowing you to view the information before someone who can explain its contents;
  • faxing or e-mailing the information requested;
  • providing you with either an oral or written summary of the information requested; or
  • using any other appropriate method to give you access to the information requested.

We will not charge you for making a request to access Personal Information held by us. We may, however, charge you for the cost of making the Personal Information available to you. The cost of making information available to you will depend on the information sought, however, if you request an estimate of the likely cost, we will make reasonable efforts to provide you with one prior to us incurring further expense. Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that our estimate will be accurate and the true cost may be substantially greater than our estimate. Where the true cost is greater than the estimate, you may still be required to pay the true cost prior to us giving you access to the Personal Information.

Where we deny or refuse access to Personal Information, we will provide you with written reasons.

How Maclin Lodge Motel stores and secures information

Maclin Lodge Motel has taken reasonable precautions to protect the security of your Personal Information which it collects.

Unfortunately, there is always a risk involved in storing information. Although we will try to take reasonable precautions, we cannot guarantee Personal Information will not be stolen or used without permission. To the extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any unauthorised access disclosure or use of your Personal Information.

A few of our employees and contractors will have access to your Personal Information to a level that is necessary to enable them to perform their jobs. They are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any Personal Information held by us.

Cookies and links

We use Google Analytics to gather statistics about how our website content is used. This tracking information allows us to better understand the needs of our site visitors and what content they expect and view. This allows us to make better decisions about our website and content. We use statistics about our visitors such as the browser type, geographic locations and referring sites.

No personally identifying information is collected.

The information collected includes:

  • How visitors arrived at our pages (e.g. directly from a bookmark, typing in an address, from a search engine; linked from another page);
  • Which pages are viewed and for how long, including the viewing time and date
  • The general geographical locations of visitors (as indicated by the network or internet service provider they use) and the speed of their internet connections;
  • Technical information about the computers or devices used to browse pages, including the operating systems, browsers, plug-ins, screen types and default languages; and
  • To opt out of analytics, you can download a browser add-on from Google. Alternatively, you can set your browser to refuse or delete cookies from Google Analytics. Check your browser’s help information to find out how.

Our website may from time to time contain advertisements placed by third party companies or links with other websites. The websites associated with those third-party companies or accessed via these links may contain cookies which may operate differently and collect Personal Information by different methods.  We strongly suggest that you check the privacy policies of these sites.

We do not monitor these sites and is not responsible for their content.  If you link to another website you do so at your own risk.  We make no warranties regarding these websites. We will not be responsible for any privacy policies or practices of any sites linked to our website. We are not responsible for the removal of your Personal Information from any third party to whom your Personal Information has been provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Destruction and de-identifying information

Maclin Lodge Motel understands that in this ever-changing world, what is relevant today may not be tomorrow. Where Personal Information is clearly no longer required, Maclin Lodge Motel will attend to either destroying or de-identifying the Personal Information.

Where Personal Information exists as a ‘hard’ copy, Maclin Lodge Motel will destroy this information by contracting with a reputable secure document shredding, pulping or disintegration agency.

Where information is de-identified, it will be done in a manner whereby the removal of the Personal Information is permanent and can no longer be matched to re-establish your identity.

Acceptance of our privacy policy

By making a booking, staying with us, or using our services and not providing us with a written objection, you agree to our using Personal Information in accordance with our privacy policy. If at any time you do not agree to our privacy policy, please immediately advise us in writing. Maclin Lodge Motel reviews its privacy policy periodically and reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify or remove portions of this privacy policy at any time subject to any applicable law. You should review this policy every time you stay with so that you are up to date with any changes to this privacy policy.

This version of the privacy policy was last updated May 2023.